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Technical support always need for these programs. We are give to yours best supports;

Good news,
Now it works with programs dongle..
With dongle system, you can use programs on any computers. No any limit.
256 bit AES dongle inside program data and users can use programs any computer, unlimited.
With automatic update programs mostly updated in moths.

Our programs using very easy. We make this for customers. Just need to select right car and ECU.
Will be opening file load window and after loading file in programs, making all operations fastly.
If selected ECU item okey and program make solution %100,
will be ask to you new file name for saving final copy.
After final copy, all operations will be done.

Our released 3 software working with same logic:
1 - Select model
2 - Load file and
3 - Save The Final File.

All operation making by software automatical. Users just need to read - write equipments to ECU.
We making our softwares ergonomic for easy using.

%100 tested  solutions..
No Internet, No count, No any limit, NoLimit! Multilanguage..
Totally 300+ tested and %100 warranty solutions.
With all new updates, our programs more development.
Customers contributions always welcome. Thanks for all customers for rare contributions since todays.

Solutions always improved with our tests and users reports. We can make files manually if user request.
Special Delphi, Transton, Denso, Siemens Solutions,ME7,MED,Simos solutions.

// Exclusive Package FULL PACK// (3 program 9 module) ( NEW VERSION V2017.x ) All in one...
1 - ECUDecoder (Diesel Particulate Filter) DPF / FAP Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder Flap (Klapky) Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder Adblue Removal Solutions ( NEW )

2 - ECUDecoder EGR Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder HotStart Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder DTC (diagnostic trouble code in) Removal Solutions

3- ECUDecoder Lambda Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder Oxygen o2 sensor Removal Solutions
ECUDecoder NOx sensor Removal Solutions ( NEW )
You can buy FULL Pack from below Paypal button.

If you want to buy
DPF Remover only with Adblue + Flap modules
EGR Remover only with Hotstart + DTC Remover modules
You can payment from
(Warning! You can buy only DPF Remover or EGR Remover pack with below button)

We will send you download link and we posted your USB dongle in same day.
Dongle will be arrived to you maximum 3 days.
We can also activated non-dongle v3.0 free for making own files until arrived your USB dongle to you. You can use programs in same hour. We can give all our of program solutions support free.
Paypal and Western Union payments are fast and safe payment methode.

The best technical support in this sector is ours. and we are proud of...

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