Professional DPF / FAP / Flap Remover

ECUDecoder DPF Remover v2017.05

Last update : 05 - 2017

This list of models and ECU's tested on cars and all is confirmed.
No any DTC, Regeneration or etc. All solution our under warranty.

DPF, EGR, Lambda, Hotstart, Flap, O2, DTC ECU List

Latest DPF v2017.05 (DPF + Flap + Adblue) ECU List;

Alfa : EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2, EDC17C49,Delphi DCM3.7

Audi : EDC16UX,EDC16CP3 / 34, EDC16U31, EDC17CP14, Siemens PPD v1.1, V1.2, V1.3,
EDC17CP44,EDC17C46,EDC17CP04, EDC16C34-4,EDC17CP04, EDC17CP20, EDC17CP24,

BMW : EDC16C31 - 35, EDC16C31 (1MB), EDC17CP02,EDC16CP35, EDC16C31New, EDC16C35,
EDC17CP45, EDC17C46

Chrysler : EDC16CP31

Chevrolet : EDC16C39, Delphi DCM3.7

Citroen : EDC15C2, EDC16C34, EDC17C10,DCM3.4 DCM3.5,EDC17C09,Marelli 8F2,SID807

Dacia  : Delphi DCM3.4, EDC17C42, SID305

Dodge : EDC16U31

Fiat : EDC16C39(Ducato), EDC16C39 JTD, MJD 6F3, 6F3 Doblo, EDC16C39 Generic, SID803A,
Marelli 8F2, Marelli 8F3, EDC17C49

Ford : EDC16C34,EDC16C34-2, EDC16C34-2.29, EDC16C34-5, SID 206, SID807, SID803MPC,
SID803A, EDC16C34 Picasso Type, DCM3.2, DCM3,5, EDC16C34(9M51), SID208, SID807,EDC17C10

Lancia  : EDC16C39, Marelli 6F3, 8F3

Honda : EDC16C31, EDC17CP06, EDC17CP06

Hyundai / KIA : EDC16C39 Generic All, KIA EDC16C39, Hyundai EDC16C39 Caren, EDC17C08

Iveco : EDC16C39, EDC17CP52, EDC17C49

Isuzu : Denso, Transtron (NRP300,NRP500, Canter,NR400, NNR200, EFI, Dmax, Truck All models)

Jaguar : SID204, EDC17CP11

Jeep : EDC16U1, EDC16CP31, EDC17C49,EDC17C79

LandRover : EDC16C39-Ford, SID208

Mazda : Denso 3-8 all series, EDC16C3,Denso CX7 Type with Adblue, EDC16C9

Mercedes : EDC16C31, Delphi DCM3.5, DCM3.4 DCM3.2, EDC16CP36, EDC16C3, EDC16C2-7, EDC17CP10, EDC17CP46, Special M55 error fixer, EDC17C01

Mini Cooper : EDC16C35

Mitsubishi : Denso, EDC16CP39, EDC16U31, EDC17CP15

Nissan : Denso,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33, SID305, EDC17C42

Opel-Vauxhall : Denso, EDC16C39, EDC16C9, EDC17C18 - C19, Marelli MJET 75-90cv, Z16DT Marelli,
EDC17C42, EDC17C59,

Peugeout : EDC16C34, EDC15C2, SID803 MPC,Delphi DCM3.5, DCM3.4, SID803A, EDC17C10,SID807

Porsche : EDC17CP44

Range Rover : EDC17CP11

Renault : EDC16C3 ,EDC16C36, EDC16CP33, SID305, EDC17C11, Delphi DCM3.4, EDC17C42

Saab : EDC16C39,EDC16C9

Skoda : EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC17U01, EDC17CP20, EDC16CP44

Seat : Siemens PPD V1.2, PCR 2.1, EDC17U01, EDC17CP20, EDC16CP44, EDC17CP14

Subaru : Denso

Suzuki : EDC16C3, EDC16C39,

Toyota : EDC17CP07, Denso

Volvo : EDC16C31, SID803MPC, EDC16C34, SID803A Type1 and Type2

VW : EDC16CP34, EDC16U31,,EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, EDC16CP34-4, EDC17CP24,EDC17U01, EDC17U01,EDC17CP20,EDC16CP44, EDC17CP46,EDC17CP52,EDC17P24, EDC17CP44,EDC17C64,

* All : EDC16 - EDC17 ECU's automatic DPF switch finder item
**  Some EDC16 and all EDC17 ECU's solutions are using internal switches.
*** DTC's are calculated and automatic deleted by solutions.


Flap support list v2017.04:
Audi EDC16CP34
VW EDC16CP34-4
Jeep EDC16CP31
Audi EDC16C34 Alternate
Opel EDC EDC16C9
EDC15VM P0098 (In EGR Remover)
EDC16U1 Flap Solution
Siemens PPD1.x
Mercedes EDC16C31 (M55)
(with custom DTC removers can make more own files)


Adblue solutions

Mazda CX7 Denso

We have more algos and we will add in software after tested & confirmed.

Advanced user file analyzer
Fast patch engine (1 sec all files)
Multilanguage support (12 language and we can add more)
Can automatic update from internet

- Automatic or manual file name selection
- Friendship, mouse click only main menu
- Internal file details, simple 16bit checksum.