Professional EGR Remover v2017.05 12 LANGUAGE

    Professional EGR Remover included EGR removing solutions, Hotstart Fix solutions, custom DTC removing solutions, some special solution for example Y75 sensor removing and few immo solutions.

 We add more EGR, custom DTC solution with all updates. Also we planned to add more different subjects in ECUDecoder EGR Remover software. For example: Launch control, Torqueu monitoring like.

EGR Remover working with special AES based dongle. All program data insided in dongle and high level security. You can use EGr Remover on any computer without any limited. Actations made by dongle.

 Updates making from internet and don't need extra shipping etc. Dongle period extending also making via internet and just take 30 seconds.



(We tested and added all these new algos )

FULL ECU Support List

EGR Remover v2017.04 (EGR + Hotstart + DTC Remover)

Alfa : EDC16C39, EDC15C7,EDC16C8, EDC16C39 Generic

Audi : EDC16U1, EDC16U31,EDC15VM+, EDC17CP14,PCR2.1,EDC16CP34,EDC16C31, EDC17C46, EDC17CP04, Marelli 4MV, PPD1.x

BMW : EDC16C31, EDC16CP35, EDC16CP35 1MB, EDC17CP02, EDC17C06

Chrysler : EDC16CP31, EDC15

Citroen : EDC16C39, EDC16C34, SID803A, EDC15C3, SID803, EDC17C10, EDC16C0-7,Visteon,SID201

Dodge : EDC16U31-4 Type1 and Type2

Fiat : EDC15C7, EDC16C39 Type1 and Type2, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A, Simos, Doblo Type, Simos

Ford : EDC16C3-9, EDC16C34, Visteon, EDC16C9, Delphi DCM3.2, Visteon, SID202, SID204, SID206, SID802, SID804

Honda : EDC16C31

Lancia : EDC15C7, EDC16C39, EDC16C8,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV,SID803A, Marelli 8F3

Hyundai : EDC15C7, EDC16C39

Land Rover : EDC16CP39, SID204, Visteon DCU2

Iveco : EDC16C39, EDC16C39-5

Jaguar : Delphi DCM3.2, SID204

Jeep : EDC16CP31

Nissan : EDC16CP33, Delphi DDCR, Denso, EDC16C3, EDC16CP42

Mazda : EDC16C34-2, EDC16C3.9.18,Denso

Mercedes : EDC16C31 (1 and 2 mb types), EDC15C6, EDC16C31 Type2,EDC16CP31
M55 Fixer, Delphi DCM3.5, EDC17CP10, EDC16CP36,EDC16CP34

Isuzu : Transtron ALL Models

Mini Cooper : EDC16C35

Mitsubishi : Denso, EDC16U31

Opel & Vauxhall : Denso (Hybrid, Signum), EDC15, EDC16C3, EDC16C9, PSG16, EDC16C39,EDC16C36,Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, EDC17C18-19, EDC17C46

Peugeot : EDC16C34,EDC15C2, EDC15C3, SID803A,EDC15C3, SID803 MPC, EDC16CP33, EDC16C0-7, EDC16C34, EDC16C39, EDC16CP39, SID201, SID801

Range Rover : EDC17CP11

Renault : EDC16C3, EDC15C2,EDC16C3, EDC16CP36,Delphi DDCR, EDC15C2, EDC15C3, EDC16C41, EDC16CP33

Saab : EDC16C9, EDC16C39

Seat : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14, PCR2.1, PPD1.x, EDC17C46, EDC17CP14, Marelli M4V,

Skoda : EDC15VM+, EDC15P, EDC16U1, EDC16U34, EDC17C46, Marelli 4MV, EDC17U01, PCR2.1, PPD1.x

Smart : EDC16C31

Suzuki : Marelli MJ 70-75-90CV, EDC16C3

Toyota : Denso, EDC16C31

Volvo : EDC16C34, SID803, EDC15C13, SID803 MPC, SID803A

VW : EDC16U1, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC16,PCR2.1, EDC16U34, EDC16CP34-4,PPD1.x,VW EDC17CP04,EDC17C14 , EDC17C46, EDC17CP14, Marelli 4MV, ME7.5.10, DCM3.7

We are always welcome out of program ECUs supporting and testing.

Hotstart supports

Audi EDC16U1
Audi EDC16C31
Audi - VW EDC15
VW Siemens PPD1.x
Skoda SuperB EDC15

Custom DTC Calculators
(You can remove any DTC from these items)

Alfa EDC16C8
Alfa EDC16C39

Audi - VW EDC16U1 - EDC16U31 - EDC16U34
Audi - VW EDC17C46
Audi - VW EDC16C64
Audi VW - EDC17CP04
Audi VW - EDC17CP14
Audi - VW EDC17CP20
Audi - VW EDC17CP24
Audi - VW EDC17CP46
Audi - VW EDC17CP54
Audi - VW MED17.1
Audi - VW Siemens PPD1.x
Audi - VAG MED17.x
Audi - VAG PCR2.1
Audi - VAG ME7.1 (Also support to ME7.1.1)
Audi - VW MED9.5.10


Chevrolet EDC16C39

Fiat EDC15C7
Fiat EDC16C8
Fiat - Marelli 8F3

Ford SID206
Ford SID803
Ford SID803A
Ford EDC17CP42

Hyundai - KIA EDC16C39
Honda EDC17CP06

Iveco EDC17CP52
Iveco EDC16C39 (with v2017.03 update)

Opel EDC17C18 - 19

Mercedes EDC16C31
Mercedes EDC17CP10
Mercedes EDC17CP46

Nissan SID305

Peugeot - Citroen EDC16C34
Peugeot - Citroen EDC17C10
Peugeot - Citroen SID803 (BDM - MPC)
Peugeot - Citroen SID803A

Renault SID305

Toyota EDC16C31
Toyota EDC17CP07 - 37

- Hyundai - KIA EDC16C39
- Mitsubishi EDC17CP15

With next updates we will add all EDC16, EDC17 ECUs also Marelli, Delphi, Denso, Delco, ME7.x, ME9.x, like most used ECU's.

Y75 sensor removing

Mercedes EDC15C7 P1622

Immo solution

Immo solution are special by our users and we don't add more.


Multilanguage (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Slovak - Czech, Turkish,Portegues, Dutch,Romanian,Polish, Swedish) languages

 Automatic save or Manual(Default) save option
With USB Dongle you can use programs all your computer, unlimited.

and fixed some little bugs and signs with more compatible all ECU's

You can ask any model or special solutions to

This software can removed EGR based ECU errors from internal flash files.

Also supported to Hotstart problem and some immo removing algos. All EGR, hotstart and Immo algos are confirmed and %100 working. We are using DAMOS projects for some EGR models. Working on Microsoft(tm) WinXP to Windows7 All versions. No needing Extra Hardware, just needing Read/Write ECU with Checksums

EGR Remover always will be update with new EGR Algos. We will added more rare and mostly looking models. We can added special algos from customers.

 Single EGR Removing service has been opening. We can help to yours removing EGR problems.

    What is EGR and How It work, Click here

All brands are copyrights and writing here for demo only.